Do you know about the unique properties of Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract™ or Meriva Curcumin™ for example? At Nutra-Life, we base our products on research supported active ingredients.


Glucosamine is a compound that your body produces naturally and uses as a building block for healthy joint cartilage. As you get older, however, your body produces less of it, which can lead to thinning, brittle cartilage, and stiff, swollen, sore joints.

Supplementing with Glucosamine can support your body in maintaining healthy joint cartilage, and comfortable, mobile joints. Find out how below…

Glucosamine & Fish Oil with Chondroitin

Combines the joint-supporting benefits of scientifically researched Glucosamine sulfate, Chondroitin and sustainably sourced Omega 3 Fish Oil. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are natural building blocks of healthy joint cartilage. Omega 3 Fish Oil provides EPA and DHA: two essential fatty acids that our bodies use to form natural anti-inflammatory compounds. These compounds may help to maintain joint lubrication and mobility. Omega 3 oil may also support healthy circulation.

Available in 180 capsules


Joint Bio-Flex

Triple action formula. Contains scientifically researched 5-LOXIN™ to support joint mobility, comfort and connective tissue repair.

Available in 30 and 60 capsules


Joint Care Glucosamine + Turmeric

Easy-to-swallow, research-based Glucosamine sulfate complex plus Turmeric to support joint health & mobility

60c, 120c


Joint Care Advanced One-A-Day

Nutra-Life Joint Care Advanced is a new generation joint support formula containing the scientifically researched ingredient, NEM®brand eggshell membrane. Studies have shown that NEM® may help support joint comfort and flexibility starting from 10 days*.

Available in 30, 60 capsules


Glucosamine 1500 Complex Advanced

High-strength, one-a-day joint health formula. Combines scientifically researched Glucosamine sulfate with Chondroitin sulfate, MSM and supporting nutrients to support healthy joint function and provide structural support to joints.

Available in 90 and 180 tablets


Joint Care

This product contains a blend of scientifically researched Glucosamine sulfate with Chondroitin sulfate to help maintain healthy joints. Nutra-Life Joint Care also supports the body's natural process of cartilage repair.

Available in 60, 120, 200 capsules


Joint Formula + MSM

Comprehensive joint nutrition, providing high-dose nutrients to support the health and function of joints. This formula also supports the development and maintenance of cartilage.

Available in 500g, 1kg powder


MSM 1000mg

MSM is a rich source of organic Sulfur. Our bodies use this essential element every day to support healthy joints and connective tissues, including muscles, ligaments, hair and skin. Our bodies’ Sulfur levels reduce naturally as we age, but may diminish even further if we eat poor diets that are high in processed foods. Additionally, arthritic joints can contain up to 66% less Sulfur than healthy joints – which may be why this mineral is so essential for joint health.

Available in 60 capsules