Do you know about the unique properties of Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract™ or Meriva Curcumin™ for example? At Nutra-Life, we base our products on research supported active ingredients.


Ginkgo biloba is a herb with powerful antioxidant properties that help to shield your cells against free radical damage. It is especially helpful for the cells in the capillaries of your hands and feet, and in your brain.

This may explain why Gingko long been used as a “brain food” to support memory, focus and concentration, and to assist with poor circulation. Find out more about Ginkgo below…

Brahmi 6000 Complex

Support your mental performance during stressful times with this Brahmi complex. This one-a-day formula improves concentration, learning and memory retention.

Available in 50 capsules


Ginkgo 10,000 Plus

High potency circulation support formula. Made with standardised Ginkgo plus antioxidants, Nutra-Life Ginkgo 10,000 Plus supports circulation, particularly to the hands, legs and feet, as well as assists with memory and cognitive function.

Available in 30 capsules