Are you ready to take charge and live well? Nutra-Life is here to help. Whichever wellbeing area you’re focusing on, our extensive range of quality products has something to help support you.


The amounts and proportions of nutrients we need to stay healthy vary depending on our life-stage. It’s not just about eating higher quantities of the same foods as we get older. Nutrition for toddlers differs from nutrition for school-age children, which differs again from nutrition for teenagers and adults.

Learn more below about the age-related nutritional needs of each member of your family…

Men’s Multi

Specially formulated for men with 19 daily nutrients including B Vitamins, Tribulus and Siberian ginseng. Nutra-Life Men's Multi supports male reproductive health, as well as energy production and performance.

Available in 30 and 120 capsules


Women’s Multi

Specially formulated for women with over 20 daily nutrients including B Vitamins, Chromium, Horsetail and Grape seed. Nutra-Life Women's Multi supports healthy hair, skin and nails, as well as energy production.

Available in 30 and 90 capsules