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Our products – what do we offer?

Today, we have more than 120 different products in our range, organised into 17 categories, which have colour-coded labels to help ease navigation of the range.

Developed specifically for New Zealand lifestyles, Nutra-Life offers a range of high quality innovative, vitamin, mineral, garlic and herbal supplements. Some of our most popular products include

  • Joint Care: this joint support formula blends scientifically researched Glucosamine sulphate with Chondroitin to help ease aching joints. (Did you now Nutra-Life’s Joint Care range is New Zealand’s number 1 Joint formula?)*.
  • Ester C®: Made using a proprietary process that results in a Vitamin C form your white blood cells absorb quickly, and lasts for 24 hours. Ester-C is a researched form of Vitamin C that bolsters your natural immunity around the clock. 
  • Kyolic® Aged Garlic Extract™: The most researched aged garlic extract, is sourced from organically grown garlic; and naturally aged for up to 20 months. Great immunity support for the whole family. Recent clinical studies suggest Kyolic® Aged Garlic Extract supplements help support healthy blood pressure & cholesterol levels.
  • Magnesium Complete: Every cell in your body uses Magnesium! It’s involved in over 300 different metabolic processes. Magnesium Complete supplements combine 4 different types of Magnesium to help relax both your body and your mind.

*Source: Aztec data MAT 14/7/13


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