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BIOLANE® GLME: Natural arthritis symptom relief from the sea


Want a way to naturally relieve painful arthritis symptoms?

If your joints hurt, or feel stiff or inflamed, the cause is often arthritis.  And if you’d like a natural ingredient that may help to manage those symptoms, Biolane® Green Lipped Mussel Extract (GLME) may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Biolane® GLME is a unique therapeutic ingredient made from fresh, raw, peak condition New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels (Perna Canaliculus). It’s 100% natural; and arthritis supplement manufacturers across the globe use it in their capsules and tablets.

Biolane® GLME has helped to relieve arthritis symptoms since the 1970s

Biolane® GLME first appeared in arthritis supplements in 1974. It was developed when researchers from NASA found that raw New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels contained strong anti-inflammatory compounds.  Because arthritis involves joint tissue inflammation, the potential for these compounds to help relieve arthritic symptoms was obvious.

In the four decades since, researchers in countries ranging from Scotland1  to Japan2 have studied the mechanisms by which Biolane® GLME works.  They’ve identified several new compounds: fatty acids, lipids, carbohydrate complexes and minerals, which variously provide arthritic pain relief, counter joint inflammation, and support healthy joint tissue.

Why is Biolane® GLME different to other mussel-based arthritis products?

Although therapeutic ingredients made from Green Lipped Mussels have become extremely popular recently, few of them are as extensively researched as Biolane® GLME.

Biolane® uses only top quality, fresh Green Lipped Mussels, sourced from farms around the coasts of New Zealand.  Instead of dredging the sea floor and depleting natural beds to get these mussels, Biolane® farmers grow them on hanging ropes attached to floats.

The growing waters are constantly monitored for quality, and the mussels within them are never given artificial feed, herbicides or other chemicals.  This is part of why mussels farmed using this method are internationally recognised3 as one of the world’s most eco-friendly seafoods.

The proprietary cold-processing method

The Biolane® difference is about more than the quality of the raw mussels or the way they’re grown. The actual Biolane® ingredient is also produced using a unique, proprietary cold-extraction process.

The process is important because many of the beneficial compounds that researchers identified in raw Green Lipped Mussels break down when they’re exposed to heat.  This means that manufacturers can’t cook the mussel flesh, or they end up destroying these active compounds.

This made turning the mussels into a therapeutic arthritis supplement difficult until Biolane® created their cold-processing method.  In this process, the useful parts of the mussel are extracted mechanically under controlled conditions. They are then freeze-dried and milled into the stable powder that you can find in natural arthritis treatment products around the globe.

Where can Australians buy Biolane® GLME?

Biolane® is an ingredient, rather than a product, so you can’t buy it under that name. However, supplement manufacturers who use it will usually tell you so on the label.  So if you want an arthritis remedy that contains Biolane® GLME, simply look for it in products in the “joints” section of your local health food store.

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