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Vision & Eye Health

The idea that what we eat affects our vision and eye health isn’t a new one. Antioxidant-rich foods like carrots (which contain betacarotene), and bilberries (a source of anthocyanicides) have long been associated with healthy eyes. Recently Lutein – a yellow pigment – has also been shown to help maintain macular health.

Discover below exactly how these antioxidants support healthy vision

Bilberry 10,000 Plus

High-strength eye health support formula with Bilberry, Grape seed and Lutein. This unique combination of ingredients work to support healthy eye function and vision.

Available in 30 tablets


Bilberry 22,000 Plus NZ Blackcurrant Caps 60s

High-strength antioxidant eye formula with guaranteed NZ Blackcurrant. Supports eye health and function.

Available in 60 Capsules