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Men's health

Few men realise just how important good nutrition is for their prostate and reproductive system health. It’s not just about maintaining a healthy prostate as they age: male sexual health also plays a role in libido, stamina and energy levels.

Herbs and nutrients like Saw Palmetto, Ginseng, Tribulus, Zinc and Ginkgo can all play important roles in male reproductive health. Discover how below…

Zinc Gluconate

This one-a-day Zinc formula supports your immunity as well as the health of the reproductive system. Combining 15mg of elemental Zinc with essential nutrients, this formula is beneficial for both men and women.

Available in 50 capsules


Herbal Y Extreme

One-a-day men's sexual health formula to support testosterone levels, healthy sperm and general vitality. Specially formulated with Horny goat weed, Siberian ginseng, Tribulus and Muira puama, this product also supports the body's resistance to stress.

Available in 30 capsules


Men’s Multi

Specially formulated for men with 19 daily nutrients including B Vitamins, Tribulus and Siberian ginseng. Nutra-Life Men's Multi supports male reproductive health, as well as energy production and performance.

Available in 30 and 90 capsules


Prostate Complete

This one-a-day prostate health support formula is made with high strength USPlus™ Saw Palmetto, Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin D3. This product protects the health of the prostate gland and supports male reproductive health and testosterone levels.

Available in 60 capsules